Stress Relief: The Reason I Have SIX Strollers

stroller hoarding

Every mother with a surplus of children can understand why I hoard strollers.

stroller hoarding

One of the questions my husband and any other person who ventures into my garage asks is “DO YOU REALLY NEED SIX STROLLERS?”  Yeah, sure when preparing for my first child, I may have overstocked on baby products as WHO KNOWS what this new little being would need and if it somehow stopped him from crying then YES, totally worth it.  BUT strollers are where it’s at–whether it’s away to FREE yourself from the confines of your house, start an exercise program, entertain another child while soothing your newborn, or to avoid carrying the car seat on your arm everywhere (whew…build those biceps).  As a mother of four children, YES, I DO USE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF MY SIX STROLLERS…and did not even buy the TRIPLE stroller; however contemplated it, but reviews were mediocre.  Plus, I was not running a daycare center.

I have now come to realize that strollers really do decrease the insanity that is new motherhood.  The larger wheeled, comfy double stroller (Bumbleride Indie Double) and single jogger (Bob Jogger) have allowed me to meet my neighbors around town and start working out post pregnancy.  Fresh air has certainly been a stress reliever and meeting and chatting briefly with neighbors allows me to use more words then…”Wheels on the Bus” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.  The frame strollers that hold a car seat are perfect for keeping in the cars–just pop that car seat in there and you can run through your errands, go to a doctor’s appointment, do a quick grocery run and store items underneath.  LASTLY–FOLDABLE strollers.  Another option to keep in the car once children are out of the infant car seat.  Travel through airports, go on an impromptu trip to a museum, and rescue a drowsy child from falling after a long walk through the zoo.

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