Flying with Kids: The Only Backpack You Need

How to pack for a plane ride with children.

debeer gear backpack

As anyone with children knows, flying with children can be a taxing endeavor. The savvy mom has experience with this, and knows how to organize everything to suit any eventuality. My favorite accessory for flying with my kids is the Debeer Gear Backpack, an invaluable gift given to me by the US Lacrosse team. The pack retails for only $60 and has saved me on more than one occasion!

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The important thing to know is where to put everything, so you are prepared for any surprises. Here is the breakdown of how I organize myself and my kids for a long plane ride:

1st small compartment: Passports, wallet, tickets, phone, charger.

2nd medium compartment: Snacks—apples, granola bars, goldfish, 3 lollipops (just in case mayhem ensues), squeeze apple sauce.

3rd large compartment: Earphones/iPads, and any other tech.

4th large compartment: Fun surprises for every hour of the plane trip—Ninja Turtle pencil cases with Ninja Turtle pencils or crayons(yes, I have 3 boys and a newborn girl!), Scooby Doo coloring books with stickers, paperback books—two for each child from the children’s section of Barnes and Noble or Scholastic books: usually one factual one (bugs, snakes, solar system) and one fictional one (Mo Willems has great ones), small Lego toy or small cars/trucks—THIS IS THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL TRAVEL WITH THE WEE ONES!!!

5th largest compartment: Diapers, etc: changing pad (Kushies), wipes, size 6 diapers, size 1 diapers, face wipes, extra onesie for baby and extra shorts for boys (some size in the middle so if anything happens any of them could use it).

The modern mom has to plan for everything, and be prepared in any situation, especially on a plane. This backpack is a lifesaver in that regard.

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