5 Easy Ways to Stay Lean and Toned

staying lean

These easy life hacks will help you live a healthier life.

staying lean

Lets face it, juggling your work life, your relationships with your husbands and friends, your children’s schedules, and your own hobbies can be a very demanding, and often not leave you with enough time for fitness. I always say that working any kind of fitness into your daily routine, whether we are talking a morning walk, or playground exercises, will benefit you greatly in the long run. We all want to get, and stay, lean and fit but more often than not there isn’t enough time in the day. These five easy life hacks can be adopted into your routine, and together, will help keep your body on point, even if you can’t hit the gym every day.

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  1. Sleep more. I know this may sound like the holy grail to some people, but we often have habits that we choose over sleep. Maybe you check all your emails before bed, or stay up late watching trash tv. If you can curtail one of these habits in favor of getting between 7-9 hours of sleep, you can reduce stress in your everyday life, and keep your hormones balanced.


  1. Allow yourself non-food rewards. Even though our first inclination after hitting the gym is to chow down on a fudge sundae, find ways to reward yourself with a massage, or a long bath, or even 30 minutes alone. Rewarding yourself for hitting small fitness goals can work in tandem with staying fit, instead of working against it.


  1. Drink water. I know this may sound intuitive, but get into the habit of carrying a refillable water bottle with you everywhere you go. Studies have shown that just 1 8-ounce glass of water before bed will curb any food cravings you might have.


  1. Choose your company wisely. We all love to go out to dinner with our friends, but keep in mind that not all your friends may have the same metabolism. Drinking margs and binging on tacos with your 20-something friend who thinks stretch marks only appear on old pairs of panties will affect your bodies in different ways. Hitting a healthier restaurant with another fitness-conscious friend might be a better choice. You can always take your 20-something friend with you on a long run.


  1. Find ways to de-stress without eating. At the first sign of stress, we often turn to the vending machine, but there are plenty of other, healthier ways to fight anxiety in our lives. Taking five minutes to meditate with a meditation app, employing deep breathing techniques, or even forcing yourself to focus on something small for a set amount of time are all easy ways to de-stress in the middle of a workday without shoving a pastry into your mouth.


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