3 Ways to Sooth Your Spring Allergies Without Medicine


Tips and tricks on how to defeat the pollen this season.


Even though I am a doctor, I understand that there are all kind of remedies out there that don’t involve medicine. If you find something homeopathic or natural that works for you, then why go through the hubbub of going to a doctor and getting a prescription? That time could be better spent with your family. As we all know though, spring is upon us, and for many of us that means itchy eyes, stuffy noses, and sore throats.

Seasonal allergies are no joke, and I have seen them take down entire families at a time. As mom’s on the go, most of the time we have to keep our down-time at a premium, so here are a few natural ways to fight seasonal allergies.

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Yoga- As crazy as it sounds, relaxation can help assuage the symptoms of allergies. When you relax, your nervous system tells your immune system to stop attacking foreign bodies, which non-allergic people clear by sneezing several times a day. After your immune systems takes a breather, inflammation and mucus should decrease and diminish.

Nasal Wash- Neti pots may seem kind of unconventional and scary, but they work. By running water through your nasal system you are thinning the mucus, and allowing it to flow more easily from the body.

Probiotics- Studies are currently being done on the effects of probiotics (or good bacteria) and their ability to switch off the inflammatory response in the intestine. According to research, allergy sufferers often have high levels of bad bacteria in their gut, and probiotics help shift that balance. Just keep in mind that probiotics take time to work.

By combining these three remedies, you should see a difference in your sensitivity to seasonal allergies. If not, you can always jump on the Claritin bandwagon after the fact.

Either way, spring is a beautiful time of year, so hopefully this helps you and your family enjoy it that much more.

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