How to Survive Brazil, The Olympics and ZIKA

zika and brazil

zika and brazil

There are certain things that Athletes need to consider, when traveling down to Brazil for The Olympics. Obviously with the Zika virus running rampant down there, many people are concerned. These tips should help any wary athletes avoid the virus.

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  1. Change up the gear!  Short shorts and tanks would be the norm in summer Olympians, especially in Brazil.  Countries are considering longer uniforms and gear to include very light-weight long-sleeve and pant options to wear for practice and down-time.
  1. Condoms. Zika virus can be found and transmitted in semen.  The athletes in the Olympic Village will need their downtime too, however they should use protection to avoid spreading Zika to each other.
  1. Do not forget about the more severe mosquito transmitted disease in this area–Dengue fever.  With all the talk on Zika, it’s important to avoid misdiagnosis of Dengue versus Zika.  In this area Dengue fever is also a concern which increases risk of bleeding throughout the body, so it is important for athletes to avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen or naprosyn to avoid increasing bleeding risk even more if Dengue fever is discovered.  A great majority of athletes are used to taking these over-the-counter medications and so staff and athletes will need to be educated.
  1. It will be important for the Olympic Committee to evaluate areas of standing water. Brazil is looking at adding reverse irrigation at the Olympic golf course to avoid standing water, which attracts and breeds mosquitoes.  Reverse irrigation produces constant movement of water in a normally stagnant body of water, such as a pond.
  1. If an athlete is infected during the course of the Olympics, they would benefit from rest, drinking fluids to avoid dehydration and taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) for fever and pain.
  1. What is team USA doing?  United States Olympic Committee will hire infectious disease experts as advisors to the athletes and will increase focus on recommendations for women of childbearing age.

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