Redecorate Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

sleeping better

The décor in your bedroom affects your sleeping patterns, whether you realize it or not.

sleeping better

If you ask pretty much anyone, especially if they have kids, they will tell you the one thing they wish they could have, is a better night’s sleep. Sleep, just like eating and drinking, is absolutely integral to our health and well-being. Inadequate sleep is linked to conditions such as heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and depression, not to mention it makes it that much harder to get through a challenging day. What you may not realize is that your bedroom may have a lot to do with getting a good night’s rest, which is great because redecorating is fun and something almost anyone can do.

  1. Get black-out curtains, or a sleep mask to block out any extraneous light. If your room tends to be noisy, buy a white noise machine to block out the sounds of the city.
  2. Separate your bedroom from the rest of the house by painting the walls a different hue, preferably in a soothing color.
  3. Declutter and clean up your bedroom. The cleaner your sleeping space is, the more likely you are to be able to relax in it.
  4. Make your bed. Drawing back your blanket at night is a ritual that will trick your body into going into sleep mode before bed every night.
  5. Use red bulbs to stop sleep disruptions. If you get up often in the night, use red bulbs as a light source, since they don’t disrupt your internal clock.
  6. Keep the temperature low. The cooler the environment, the better you sleep, so pay attention to that thermostat and find a sleeping temp that works for you.

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