Can What You Eat Protect You From the Sun?

ingestible sunscreen

New ingestible sunscreens can help save your skin this summer.

ingestible sunscreen

As any mother knows, sunscreen is an absolute must, for every member of the family. The problem is, its hard to get the kids to stay still, we always have to worry about reapplication, and no matter how diligent we are, there are no guarantees regarding adequate coverage.

Companies such as Lycored, Life Extenstion, and Heliocare have taken this problem to a dietary level, and are using ingredients derived from tomatoes and ferns to help shield cells from UV rays, with edible sunscreens.

The new product are meant to be oral supplements, meaning that they won’t replace your actual sunscreen. What they will do, is help to control and eliminate free radicals as a result of sun exposure. In that way, they can protect both the skin, and immune response, but in no way should they be considered as an alternative for actual sun protection.

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The idea behind ingestible sunscreens is that they offer another level of protection, so you can breathe easy and maybe actually finish a book while at the beach, instead of worrying about your kids’ chances of developing skin cancer.

I am all about preventative measures, so edible sunscreens are definitely something to keep an eye on, as the technology develops in the future.

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