How to Improve Digestion While Traveling

These tips and tricks will help you fight digestive issues while traveling.

digestion while traveling

Its no secret to anyone that traveling often causes us to have digestive issues. Any disruption of your normal habits can cause issues, but traveling (especially for a vacation) is one time when you really should just relax and not worry about things like sluggishness or constipation. Throw a few kids into the mix, and digestive issues can be a surefire way to ruin a great getaway.

The main reasons we have digestive problems during transit are inactivity, changes in diet, dehydration, lack of sleep and jet lag, and of course, pathogens from being exposed to bacteria or parasites in new locales.

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To fight this, you can create a travel kit with herbal teas (the gentle laxative kind), fiber (which you can bring on the plane with you to avoid unhealthy food), magnesium (which has muscle relaxing properties), plenty of water (unless you are in Mexico, of course), and movement.

If you find yourself constipated, movement and activity is a great way to not only make your vacation better (because you should always choose adventure over laying by the pool for days) but to loosen and relax the bowels.

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