How to Get Rid of Sand after Visiting the Beach with Your Family

how to get rid of beach sand

Love the beach, but despise sand tracking on your floors, sheets, and bathtubs? I am the first one to raise my hand for an awesome sun-filled day at the beach, but I am a big fan of leaving the sand by the ocean. Here are some great hacks to coming closer to entering a sand-free post-beach zone.

how to get rid of beach sand


Baby Powder or Cornstarch: A friend told me about this as she carted around 3 children 6 and under throughout the beaches of Cape Cod. There is usually a long walk to and from the beach and on the way back to the car she would set up a de-sanding zone where a towel would be placed on the ground, baby powder was then employed and a new outfit was ready to go. Another towel was used to place all the sandy clothes. The baby powder is gently applied (avoiding particles being inhaled) and it absorbs moisture on the skin and then allows the sand to be brushed right off. Cornstarch can be used as a more natural alternative to baby powder. Then wrap up all the bathing suits and sandy items in the one towel and head home much less sandy!

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Military Mats: There are beach mats that use military technology to avoid capturing all the sand in your towel and allow it to filter back to the ground. It is a one-way sifter that encourages sand to fall to the ground when initially on top of the mat. If lying down on the mat for a while (not my style with four little ones), it is worth putting your towel on top of the mat, as the weaving is not as soft.


Outdoor Foot wash: The last stop before entering your home should be a foot wash. It is nice both to remove sand as well as any dirt that you may be tracking in with flip-flops. Martha Stewart describes a nice easy foot wash that of course is alluring to place around your house too. Build or buy a weatherproof sturdy wooden slat frame and place a couple layers of smooth river stones in it. Use your garden hose in that area to rinse away sand while avoiding build up of sand on the surface.


Bathing Suit Advice: As a mom of 3 boys, I avoid netting and pockets in bathing suits as much as possible.  You’ve witnessed those droopy swim trunks that can barely stay up due to the sand castle equivalent amounts of sand residing in the suit. Another reason to avoid mesh is exacerbates irritation and chaffing. Board shorts are my go to as they fit like normal shorts without the netting.


Surf’s Up!

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