Can Yoga Help You With Infertility?


One in eight couples experiences fertility issues, but can yoga be a solution?


As the mother to multiple children, I am very lucky that I haven’t encountered any issues with fertility. I also know how how much of a blessing children can be, so it is heartbreaking to me when couples who want nothing more than to have a baby experience issues with fertility.

Trying to conceive and having no luck can be one of the most frustrating experiences for women. 30 percent of IVF patients suffer from anxiety and depression, akin to the same issues one may face when diagnosed with HIV or cancer.

The Fertility Centers of Illinois, in conjunction with Pulling Down the Moon decided to do some research on the effects of yoga on infertility, as a way to find out of the stress relieving properties of yoga have any effect on conceiving.

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Participants completed 45 minutes of vinyasa yoga as well as 30 minutes of group discussion with other infertility patients, once a week, for six weeks. The yoga program lowered the anxiety rates of the patients by 20%, improving their mental and physical well-being. The nerve stimulation achieved from a low-intensity exercise like yoga automatically triggers the body’s relaxation response. Breathing and meditation are also key components to alleviate anxiety and depression. Also, having a supportive community during a stressful process like IVF or when dealing with infertility helps reduce isolation and promote healthy physical well-being.

So back to the burning question, can yoga help with infertility? I guess the answer is that it couldn’t hurt. Dealing with infertility is one of the more stressful things a woman can go through, so my opinion is that anything that helps relieve anxiety and promote healthy thinking is a step in the right direction.

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