How to Create the Perfect Staycation


Weekend staycations are an essential for every busy family.


As a working mom, I talk a lot about relaxation, mostly because finding time to relax is the most important thing you can do to keep your work-life-family balance running smoothly. Vacations are obviously the easiest way to relax, but we can’t all up and leave every time things get a little hairy. To that end, staycations are something you should try to work into your monthly schedule. A staycation is exactly what it sounds like; you create a retreat no matter where you are. There are several important considerations to a staycation however, so follow these guidelines, and you will be relaxed in no time.

Set aside the time, and stick to it. When it comes to scheduling, you should treat a staycation like an actual vacation, block out the dates, and don’t let yourself renege on them, or let work get in the way.

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Make a plan, or make the decision to not have a plan. You can either fill your staycation with yoga, reading books, and visiting farmers markets, or do absolutely nothing at all. Either way, make a plan for what you want to accomplish, and stick to it.

Do something you wouldn’t normally do. On an actual vacation, chances are you are trying new things, even if that only extends to cuisines. Use your staycation as an opportunity to be adventurous.

UNPLUG. UNPLUG. UNPLUG. The easiest way to ruin a staycation is to let work or life get in the way. The easiest way to avoid this is to unplug your phone, let it die, or turn it on airplane mode, at least when you are doing the things that you love. If you really want to relax, unplugging from the world is a necessity.

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