How to Train for a 5K in One Month

train for a 5k

This handy 28-Day plan by will have you marathon-ready in just four weeks.

train for a 5k

If you are someone who battles with your weight, running a marathon is a great way to get your body used to regular exercise, or to celebrate a weight-loss victory.

While the word ‘marathon’ may strike fear in the hearts of some people, it’s important to note that your typical 5K marathon is only 3.1 miles, which is fairly manageable for most people.

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The only issue, especially if you have never done a marathon before is training either too little, or too much. Too much training can cause injury, and too little can leave you unprepared, and hating your decision in the middle of a race.

Luckily, put together a handy training plan to help anyone get ready for a 5K in just 4 weeks.

running a 5k

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