How to Avoid Gaining Holiday Weight

holiday weight

The holidays are a great reason to overeat, but we should all still show some restraint.

holiday weight

As someone who comes from a big family, in the past I have been guilty of overindulging from time to time during the holidays. I love a second helping of pie as much as the next mom, but what I don’t love are the feelings of guilt that come afterwards, and the feeling that you betrayed your healthy lifestyle for some instant gratification. The good news however, is that the holidays don’t have to be a death sentence for your eating habits. These seven simple tips will help you indulge a little in the holidays without all the extra guilt and pounds that come with it.

Exercise early– Especially if you are spending time with stressful family, wake up early and go for a run. It’ll give you a much needed break from people, and allow you to start off your day feeling healthy.

Be picky about your food– The easiest thing to do is treat the holidays like an all you can eat buffet, but if you are pickier with your food choices and only select things you really want, you will inevitably make better choices.

Exercise willpower– Saying no to things becomes easier the more you practice, so use the holidays as an excuse to graciously decline offers of copious amounts of food.

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Eat constantly– I know this may sound counterintuitive, but eating small meals throughout the day is much better than saving all your calories for one big feast.

Eat slowly – Especially with deserts, eating slowly and savoring every bite will help keep your sweet tooth in check.

Get rid of leftovers– By sending any left over food home with guests you can get it out of your kitchen, out of your fridge, and out of your body.

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