The Best Women’s Boots For Walking on Slippery Ice

Winter is coming, so shield your feet accordingly.


Anyone who leads an active lifestyle in a Northern state probably knows that walking on ice is no easy feat. When you are constantly on the move during the winter months, its important to know what kind of shoes to wear, because one wrong step could cause injuries like sprains, broken bones, or even painful bruises that don’t make it any easier to get through your daily to-dos.

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Science has finally taken note of this, and a team of Canadian scientists at iDAPT and WinterLab in Toronto rigorously tested nearly 100 winter boots to find the best brands for inclement weather. Tests were done on both bare and melting ice, and participants walked up and downhill wearing different boots.

For women, the Sperry Powder Valley Vibram Arctic Grip Boots ranked as the best. So if you are looking for a solid pair of boots to get you through the winter season without incident or injury, Canada and Sperry both have your back.

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