Five Easy Ways to Relieve Inauguration Stress

inauguration stress

For many people, the 2017 inauguration is a source of great stress.

inauguration stress

While stress in our lives can have some positive effects, such as spurring us into action to accomplish things we may have been putting off, most of the effects of stress are negative. This country has been very divided in the past year regarding the presidential election, and whether we realize it or not, there is an undercurrent of stress in all of our lives because of it. Today was the inauguration of Donald Trump as our next United States President, and I can already tell through social media that not everyone is dealing with this day in the healthiest way. So if you are feeling the stress of the inauguration hard today, hopefully these five tips will help you get to a more relaxed place. As always, we have to have hope for the future, and approach any problems with serenity and a clear mind.

-Avoid stimulants and depressants, like caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. These things will only exacerbate your symptoms, and make you more likely to engage in unhealthy conversations about politics.

-Get physical. Nothing will help battle the presidential blues better than a little sweat, plus the endorphins will give your mood a little lift.

-Manage your time. Being more organized in regards to your time will help remove some of the other stress in your life and free your mind up a bit. Use today, and the next few days as an excuse to be super organized. Maybe you will create a habit that will stick.

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-Write it down. Keeping a stress diary is always a good idea. Writing down how you feel about important things like social injustices is even better, because it will help clear your mind and keep you from inflicting your negative emotions onto other people.

-Take control- Use this election drama as an excuse to take control of some of the problems in life that may have escaped you. If you can create a positive effect in your life out of a negative situation, you will not only relieve some stress, but potentially create a better situation for yourself.

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  1. My way to relieve inauguration stress. Play the Lottery and hope I win enough money to move to the 6th arr. in Paris or anywhere in Switzerland. Drink myself into a 4-year coma. Create a “Go Fund Me” to afford to get the hell out of this ONCE-GREAT America. We are screwed. We will have to deal with a dictatorship between Putin and his bitch Trump.

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