Is Goat Yoga the Newest Fitness Craze?

yoga with goats

Yoga with goats is officially a fitness trend in this country.

yoga with goats

When it comes to fitness, there will always be an endless stream of new trends and ideas on creative ways to stay in shape. As both a mother and a doctor, I am pretty much in favor of all things fitness, so whatever you need in order to get yourself sweating is fine in my book, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone (especially yourself). So, goat yoga is a thing now, and I feel a compelling need to write about it, on the off chance that it’s the fitness craze you have been waiting for.

Goat Yoga started when Lainey Morse, a yogi from Oregon came up with the brilliant idea to incorporate goats into her yoga classes as a secondary form of finding the relaxation and disconnection yoga is well-known for creating.

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The classes are held at Morse’s farm in Oregon and are basically a form of animal therapy, complete with 360-degree mountain views and tons of fresh air. Her plan is obviously working, because there is a 1,200-person wait list for her classes. Due to the popularity, goat yoga classes have also popped up in Arizona, so its probably only a matter of time before people catch onto the fact that animals help exponentially in terms of helping people relax and find their zen.

To me, its hard enough to concentrate on yoga without animals trying to join me in a downward dog, but I fully support the idea of emotional support animals and have read plenty of research on the relaxation properties of having animals around.

So if goats are the one thing that has been keeping you from reaching your yoga goals, congratulations, you no longer have an excuse!

yoga with goats

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