How to Have More Energy During Cold Months

winter energy

The struggle is real when it comes to maintaining energy during winter.

winter energy

This is not a typical year. Most years, especially in the North, February is brutally cold, and brings on feelings of depression, seasonal affective disorder, and general lethargy. It’s in the 60’s today in New England however, but given the recent pattern of things it could be freezing tomorrow. That much variation in weather can be exhausting in and of itself, so here are a few ways to make sure you have more energy during the winter months.

Get more sunlight. Especially when its cold outside, sitting by a sunny window can have great benefits for your mood and energy, and help combat seasonal affective disorder. Obviously taking a brisk walk outside will have an even better effect, but as long as you get some sunlight, it doesn’t really matter.

Regulate your sleep. You ideally want the exact right amount of sleep during winter, because chances are you will want to sleep in every day, and too much sleep will make you just as tired as not enough. Know what your body regularly requires, and stick to that. Your circadian rhythm will steer you in the right direction.

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Mind your fitness. I know it’s a struggle to get to the gym, but once you are there, your endorphins will kick in, and afterwards you will feel great. I always trick myself into going ‘for a short run on the treadmill’, which inevitably turns into a rewarding sweat session at the gym.

Watch your stress levels. Undue stress will sap your energy every time, so if you are feeling particularly run down, try meditation, yoga, or even a small staycation to help maintain your stress levels.

Maintain your weight. Your inclination to gain weight during cold months will be strong, but fighting it is a surefire way to keep your energy levels up. The more fat cells your body contains, the more lethargic you will feel. It’s normal to gain a few small pounds during the winter, but if you are going above and beyond, pay more attention to what you eat and find a way to get some exercise.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop during winter. Although you may feel more tired, you will still have a laundry list of things to do every day. Putting some thought into why you may be more tired will help you figure out ways to boost your energy, and make it through to the spring.

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