How to Stay Sane While Traveling with Four Kids

traveling with children

Traveling with any number of kids can be a challenging experience.

traveling with children

As a full time doctor, mom, and wife, I will be the first to tell you that traveling is almost always a nightmare. Over the years I have learned to hone my particular skills of organization in regards to travel, and feel like I have come up with a pretty solid game plan when it comes to getting my entire family from point A to point B with the minimum amount of hassle. My children are aged 7, 5, 4, and 1, so I pretty much have every category covered, from infant, to toddler, to (almost) young adult. These tips should help make it a little easier for moms on the go who have no choice but to haul their kids along with them.

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My faves–

GB pockit stroller

GB Pockit Compact Stroller: This awesome stroller folds down into practically 1 foot by 1 foot and fits in the overhead compartment of any airplane. While I wouldn’t recommend it as an everyday stroller, the size makes it perfect for travel.




baby bjorn traveling crib


If traveling by car: Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is perfect for overnight trips.


osprey celeste backpak

Osprey backpack Celeste Daypack–for my laptop, their snacks, their prizes for the trip and books, this backpack is a life-saver.



osprey sojourn suitcase

Osprey Sojourn Suitcase: This wheeled bag is super sturdy and great quality, which is important for multiple trips with multiple children.


anker 10 port charger

Amazing charger for my family of SIX- The Anker 10 port USB wall charger—I can seriously ten devices at the same time (laptop, iPads, iPhones). I constantly get comments from people all the time on how useful it is, after all the Family that charges together, stays together!!



The following is a list of important items to bring along:

Keiby Travel Nail Kit–in case you need tweezers, nail scissors

Children’s Motrin

Camelbak Sippy Cups

$5 books from Barnes and Noble

Snacks are best organized by giving each child their own snack bag

Dollar Store trinket toys to open if they are good


Earphones: crowd favorite for my 3 boys = Star Wars Astromech Droid

Children three years old and up can carry their own suitcase–I like Pottery Barn Carry On size (they each pack their suitcases too–I give them a list to read and my 7 and 5 year olds help the 4 and 1 year olds; I then later review of course!)

If long flight–children 3 and up carry snacks and books in own backpack

Bubble Bum Car seat for 7 and 5 year olds (inflatable ones) for traveling in taxis or short car rides

Change of clothes for Mom and child

For my daughter (1 1/2 yo): Priddy books Sticker Activity Books, ex/ My Princess Castle)


My recommended airlines for traveling with children are JetBlue, Delta, and Virgin Atlantic. Try to avoid American if you have children, because they aren’t always child-friendly.

We’ve taken about 20 flights together over the years and the children have done great with this list!

Above all, the most important thing you can have when traveling with kids is patience, because snafus are bound to happen, but the way we deal with them can teach our children valuable lessons about how to respond in stressful situations.

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