Five Weight-loss Tips to Lose Weight Forever

keeping weight off

The hardest part of losing weight is figuring out how to keep it off.

keeping weight off

In the United States alone, 74% of adults are overweight or obese. This is due in large part to the type of food we eat, but it also has to do with how difficult it is to lose weight, and then to keep it off permanently.

When it comes to keeping weight off, obviously diet and exercise are two given tactics to keep in mind. There are, however, other tactics you can employ to help the process along, so these five tips should come in handy, when it comes to controlling and maintaining your bangin new bod.

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Eat a big breakfast, even if you don’t want to. People who skip breakfast are proven more likely to snack on high-calorie foods throughout the day, so a big breakfast will tide you over, and help control your hunger hormones.

Eat something sweet at the end of your breakfast. If you add a small, low calorie sweet treat to the end of your large breakfast, you are less likely to crave sweet things later on in the day.

Don’t drink anything other than water, tea, or coffee. Basically, sodas and juices can contain up to 18 teaspoons of sugar, and provide no nutritional value.

Eat Frozen veggies. Obviously fresh veggies are better, but frozen vegetables are flash frozen at their peak, so they retain lots of nutritional value.

Replace meat proteins with other options. I’m not saying you should cut out meat entirely, but I’m sure you’ve noticed the vegetarians and vegans have leaner bodies. Replacing some meat in your diet with plant proteins like black beans, which have 15 grams of protein per serving, are a great way to add leaner proteins to your diet and stay slim.

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