How to Stop Binging Food at Night

night binge eating

Binge eating at night can kill your diet.

night binge eating

I always say that I am in favor of adopting an overall healthy lifestyle of proper eating and balanced fitness, but I know that for many people, diets are a more viable option. The problem with diets is that it’s so easy to slip up, and one slip-up can lead to giving up on the diet entirely.

One of the biggest ways that dieters slip up is by binging at night. Having willpower during the day is often easier since we are on the go, and in the groove of decision-making. At night, when we are standing in the kitchen staring into the fridge it’s a lot easier to grab an unhealthy option and justify if by how ‘good’ you were during the day. So how do we stop the cycle of binge eating during PM hours?

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Don’t restrict yourself too much during the day. If you are being overly mindful of what you eat, and not eating enough calories during the day, you will probably fall into a binge at night. Make sure the meals you eat during the day are satisfying, and you will be less likely to slip up later.

The power of positivity. Instead of negatively goading yourself into eating healthy (like thinking about what you currently look like in a bikini), think about what you want to look like in a bikini in the future, and use that as motivation. When we use negativity to motivate us to eat healthier foods, that negative connotation transfers to the healthy food too. If you are on a weight-loss plan try to think of things in the most positive light possible, and you will have more positive results, and be less likely to reward yourself late at night.

Ask yourself why. For most women, food has an emotional component, and they binge at night because it makes them feel better. When you are staring at that refrigerator, your mind will probably try to conjure all kinds of reasons why you deserve to binge, but if you look deeper there is an emotional part of it too. You may secretly want a reward for what you have accomplished that day. If you can shift your thinking to consider your new healthy lifestyle as a reward, or think about how good it will feel to stick to your integrity and refuse the binge, you will end up happier in the long run, and most likely thinner, too.

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