Do You Need a Cooling Bra this Summer?

best cooling bras

Discover a bra designed to keep you cool and comfortable on hot summer days.

best cooling bras

As active women, one important thing that we often overlook is whether or not we are wearing a proper bra. An international survey of 10,000 women found that over 64 percent were wearing the wrong size bra. As if that weren’t bad enough, wearing the wrong bra can also result in excess sweating in the chest region, and even chafing.

As an active mother, I have personally experienced all of the above, so one of the things I think is super important is finding a cooling bra that supports regular fitness. Mesh panels, open backs, and special fabric designed to wick away moisture are just three ways that bras have become more fitness and sweat-friendly.

So my advice to you is make sure you choose a bra that works with your lifestyle, and lets your chest breathe, especially in the coming summer months.

Here are three of the best bras to help keep you cool.

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best cooling bras

Lane Bryant Cooling Bra $55 

Made of comfortable microfiber, this bra contains breathable mesh fiber and an open back.

best cooling bras

Nike Pro Classic Cooling Bra $40

This popular sports bra by Nike features a perforated swoosh, keyhole back, and mesh straps.

best cooling bras

Hanes X-Temp Wirefree Bra $14 


This breathable bra is made of moisture-wicking soft cotton fabric with mesh panels for breathability.


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