How to Minimize Your Chance of Getting a UTI


Urinary tract infections are never fun, so we should all try and prevent them.


Anyone who has ever had a UTI knows how annoying, complicated, and painful they can really be. Urinary Tract Infections happen when bacteria causes an infection somewhere within the urethra, bladder, kidneys, or ureters. Some people are more predisposed to them than others, but they can have any number of causes, and need to be treated early on, to prevent other complications.

Luckily antibiotics can treat UTIs pretty easily, but since the symptoms do involve a good amount of pain, you should do everything you can to try and minimize your risk of developing the infection in the first place.

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The following five tips will help you reduce your risk of a UTI, and keep your bladder clean and healthy.

Drink lots of fluid during the day, especially water. You should try and do this anyway, FYI.

Don’t hold it if you have to use the bathroom. Keeping urine sitting in your bladder increases the risk of a UTI.

Try not to be constipated. If you have to, use a stool softener or other medicinal treatment to void your bowels.

Pee within 30 minutes of intercourse. I am sure you have all heard this tip, and it happens to be true.

Drink cranberry juice regularly. You should also be doing this anyway. Your kidneys will thank you.

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