Three Reasons to Get More Magnesium


Women should really be getting more magnesium.


Most of the women I know take a multi-vitamin daily. I think this is a good thing, since we aren’t always likely to get all the nutrients we need from the food we eat, especially when you factor kids into the equation. One vitamin that is super important but doesn’t get as much limelight as it needs however, is magnesium.

There are seven essential minerals that are necessary for our bodies to function properly, and magnesium is one of them. Magnesium affects over 300 enzyme systems in the human body, it helps synthesize protein, allows muscles and nerves to function, helps control blood sugar, blood pressure, energy production, bone development, and even aids in DNA synthesis and helps keep the heart healthy.

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Women should get about 320 mg per day of magnesium, a number which jumps to 350 for pregnant women, and 320 for breastfeeding mothers. The top three reasons you should get more magnesium are as follows:

Improved heart health- Women who take magnesium have a 38 percent reduced risk of cardiac death, and a lowered risk of stroke.

Bone health- Magnesium is especially vital for menopausal women, as bone health beings to deteriorate after a certain age. Magnesium can help combat bone loss, even in women who have osteoporosis.

Pain relief- Magnesium supplements can help people who suffer from muscle pain, headaches, and fibromyalgia. A magnesium deficiency can actually cause migraine headaches, so if you suffer from regular pain, magnesium may be the answer you need.

So how do we get more magnesium into our diets? The following foods are good sources of the vitamin, so throw a few more of these items into your dietary regimen and you should be good to go.



Sunflower seeds


Black beans

Peanut butter



Whole grain


Dried fruit



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