Balance Your Thyroid by Eating This Nut Every Day

brazil nuts

The Brazil nut is a miracle nut in terms of selenium levels.

brazil nuts

As a medical professional and a mother, I am always in support of finding new ways to get the body all the nutrients it needs through different sources. If you have the internet you have probably heard of a Brazil nut, but you probably didn’t know that it contains an extraordinary amount of selenium, at 90 micrograms per nut, which is 129% of the recommended daily amount.

The selenium in Brazil nuts help regulate thyroid function, protect against certain skin and breast cancers, and acts as a mood booster. A lot of athletes eat Brazil nuts daily to help maintain healthy levels in their body as they train.

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The most important function of Brazil nuts is to help the body produce hormones. Low selenium levels make the body work harder to produce thyroid hormones, whereas eating just two brazil nuts per day can help keep a healthy hormonal balance.

One important thing to remember is that too much selenium can cause rashes, dizziness, or a metallic taste in your mouth, so try two Brazil nuts per day to start, and don’t forget to refrigerate them so they don’t go bad.

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