Five Natural Remedies for an Upset Stomach

natural upset stomach remedies

If you find yourself with a stomachache, try these natural remedies first.

natural upset stomach remedies

Stomachaches, unfortunately, are a part of life. The problem with them is that there are literally dozens of causes, and some of them respond to medication, whereas others don’t. I am not one to suggest you always go with a natural remedy, but there is no harm in trying to soothe your stomach with ingredients in your home before you opt for medicine. These five natural remedies have soothing effects on the stomach.

Ginger– Ginger has been known to have medicinal properties since times of antiquity. The reason for this is that ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory, and it comes in many different forms, from supplements, to beverages.

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Chamomile- Chamomile tea is also a natural anti-inflammatory, and has properties to help your stomach muscles relax.

Peppermint- Peppermint contains natural menthol, which can help sooth nausea or upset stomach, because it acts as a natural pain reliever. You can ingest it in tea form, sniff peppermint extract, or chew on the actual leaves themselves.

Apple cider vinegar- Apple cider vinegar contains acids that help decrease starch digestion, which keeps bacteria in the gut healthy. It’s hard to stomach (no pun intended), but one tablespoon mixed with water and honey should do the trick.

Cocktail bitters and soda- Five drops of cocktail bitters mixed with tonic, club soda, or ginger ale can help soothe an upset stomach because the bitters tend to contain cinnamon, mint, fennel or ginger. This may seem kind of unconventional, but some people swear by it.

Obviously, the way you treat an upset stomach depends on the severity, and length of pain. If you try one of these natural remedies and the pain doesn’t abate or gets worse, listen to your body. You will know if and when it is time to visit a doctor.


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