How Much Vitamin C Do You Really Need?

getting enough vitamin c

We all know that Vitamin C is very important, but just how much do you need?

getting enough vitamin c

I’m sure we were all told from a very young age, that if we didn’t get enough Vitamin C, we would get scurvy. Well, we aren’t pirates, but that advice seems to have worked because pretty much everyone knows that Vitamin C is important, especially for women.

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, meaning that we can’t function without it. It helps tissue growth/repair through the formation of collagen, helps heal wounds, maintain teeth and bones, and works as an antioxidant, which helps fight heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and Alzheimers.

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For all those reasons, its super important to make sure you don’t have a Vitamin C deficiency. Symptoms of such an issue are:

Weakness and fatigue

Muscle and joint pain

Easy bruising

Split ends/dry skin


Gum swelling

Wounds that wont heal

The recommended daily allowances for women are:

75mg/day for adult women

85mg/day for women who are pregnant

120mg/day for women who are breastfeeding

If you are a smoker, add an additional 35 mg/day. These levels are pretty basic, but you can safely consume more without adverse side effects. A safe bet is to eat fruits and vegetables often, and pad that with a 500 mg supplement daily.

Vitamin C is one of the most important things you can consume, as it helps with everything from cartilage formation to fighting cancer. Just be mindful of that when you are at the supermarket in the vegetable aisle!

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