Snacks Before Bed: What is Safe to Eat?

eating before bed

If you’re going to eat before bed-time, be mindful of what you eat.

eating before bed

First off, let me start by saying that eating just before bed is generally frowned upon in terms of weight-loss. Late-night eating can make your sleep more restless, and is generally lumped in with stress-eating, which isn’t good for you regardless of the time of day.

That being said, going to bed on a completely empty stomach may not be so great either, and could lead to issues the next morning, and trouble falling asleep.

So the only real answer, is that if you must eat before bed, try low-calorie foods that aid with the sleeping process. These five easy snacks are safe-to-eat before bed, and shouldn’t disrupt your sleeping or waking processes too terribly.

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Nonfat greek yogurt only contains 150 calories or less, and the dairy contains tryptophan for a more restful sleep. It will also help calm your stomache if you are dealing with any indigestion.

White meat turkey contains lots of tryptophan as I am sure you know from the aftermaths of many Thanksgiving dinners, but the meat is also low fat and high protein.

Apples and peanut butter will fill you up, and give you a good dose of fiber to see you through the night.

Baby carrots contain only four calories per carrot, and are a super easy snack to munch on with none of the guilt of less healthy options.

Bananas have both fiber and tryptophan, and only add 100 calories each, which should allow you to fall asleep peacefully.

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