Five Ways to Convince Yourself to Work Out

the gym

Sometimes you just need a good reason to hit the gym.

the gym

Every person who has ever worked out has had to fight the internal battle of whether to exercise, or stay home in bed. In fact, most of the times I think staying home in bed probably wins out, because taking the easy way out is ultimately a lot more palatable than spending an hour sweating on purpose.

We all know that the struggle is real when it comes to forcing yourself to go to the gym, so here are 10 perfectly valid ways to convince yourself to put the cookies down, and get your fitness on.

-Recite this phrase in your head over and over ‘There will always be a million reasons to say no.”

-Put on your workout clothes before you drink your morning coffee, so when it kicks in you can literally run out the door.

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-Sign up for a race, especially something easy like a 5K, then convince yourself that you need to train.

-Trick your brain into remembering that exercise makes you happy, and work out every time you feel unhappy.

-Bribe yourself with a mani-pedi-botox, or a sweet smoothie afterwards.

-Set up a goal, whether it’s looking good for a beach vacation, losing a specific number of pounds, or getting back into shape after your divorce. Whatever it is, make sure it has measurable results.

-Share your fitness journey on social media. Even if nobody is watching it’ll hold you accountable subconsciously.

-Lie to yourself, by telling yourself that you are just going to the gym for 15 minutes, to walk on the treadmill. The hardest part is actually getting to the gym, after all.

-Put your workout clothes on before bed so you have no excuse in the morning.

-Choose a 30-minute show that you really enjoy, and only watch that show while you are on the treadmill or stairmaster. Don’t stop working out until its over, ever time.

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