Five Most Dangerous Professional Sports by Number of Injuries

soccer injury

As every athlete knows, playing professional sports put you at high risk for injury.

soccer injury

As they say in life, with great risk comes great reward. Every athlete should be taught this before they set foot on the field. You always hear stories about athletic prodigies that suffer from grievous, career-ending injuries early on in their lives, which is pretty tragic because of all that unfulfilled potential.

If your kids are interested in getting involved in sports, it’s a good idea to discuss with them the realities of sports injuries early on, so you can also teach them how to prevent them.

At the end of the day, you can only do so much to prevent injuries, since a lot of it is out of your control, but there are certain things you can do like strength training, stretching, warming up, and maintaining your sports gear that will help minimize the risk for yourself, or your budding athletic kids.

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A recent article by Anna, published on Collins Place Physio highlights some of the ways we can prevent sports injuries, as well as which professional sports generate the most reported injuries. Here are the most five, for all your risk-averse athletes out there:


Basketball: 533,509 injuries

Bicycle Riding: 521,578 injuries

Football: 420,582 injuries

Exercise: 365,797 injuries

Soccer: 229,088 injuries

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