How to Stay Fit in Inhospitable Weather Conditions

winter health

Just because there is a category five blizzard outside doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself.

winter health

I don’t think I need to say that this is probably going to be an unusually harsh winter.  In general, winter is regarded as bulking season, where everyone goes a little lax on their fitness guidelines and goals. I probably don’t need to remind you though that this is 2018 now, and even though its only January, spring will be here before you know it. So save yourself a little trouble down the line, and don’t let yourself fall too far off the wagon. Use these tips and tricks to stay trim during this inhospitable winter season.

Do not fixate on your weight. During the winter season you are likely to fluctuate a little in the weight department and that is fine. Just focus more on healthy habits than the number on the scale, and you will be much less likely to give up.

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Skip the unhealthy drinking experiences. I know hot cocoa, warm lattes, hot toddies, and eggnog are all decadent winter holiday experiences in their own right, but these drinks are packed with sugar and unnecessary calories, so try a lovely tea with some dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth, and keep your waistline tight.

Hydrate. Drinking water before meals, and especially if you feel hungry even though you know you just ate, is a good way to curtail over-eating. You should also keep hydrated in general during winter months, because the cold weather can make us forget that we are made up of mostly water.

Eat more fruits and veggies. I know this sounds like a given, but fruits and vegetables have nutrients that you need, especially during winter months. You can warm them up and make them into stew, if you want a winter soup experience, but try and find a way to work more greens into your diet.

Find new ways to exercise. If you aren’t walking to work every morning because you are afraid your nose will freeze and fall off, try taking the stairs when you get there. Weekends are a great time to try new indoor sports, like rock climbing or a beginners gymnastics class; both of which will keep you warm and give you a story to talk about to make your competitive friends jealous.

Even though everything dies during winters, our fitness goals shouldn’t. Hopefully these tips help you stay in shape while staying inside, so you don’t have to rebuild yourself from scratch in the spring.

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