Five Signs Your Child Should Quit a Sport

kids quitting sports

They say that a winner never quits, but is that old adage always true?

kids quitting sports

We have all heard the age-old adage that quitters never win, and winners never quit, but as a parent, I don’t know if I agree. While its true that you don’t want to to raise a child to think that they can quit every time the going gets tough, you also don’t want to raise a child who doesn’t know their own limits, or who does things just to please other people.

As parents, obviously we have obligations to our children, but when it comes to sports, many times we may let our own dreams or biases get in the way of proper parenting. So here are five signs your child SHOULD quit a sport, to help you make the right call as your child’s parent and ‘life referee’.

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Your child hates their coach. Even though it seems unfair, sometimes coaches goad or bully their young charges. It’s one thing for a coach to push their kids to excellence, but quite another when they verbally abuse, put-down, or shame your child in front of others. If your child wants to quit because they hate their coach, do a little investigative reporting on your end, and if it turns out that the coach isn’t a good fit, allow your child quit or suggest that they switch teams.

Your child suffers from anxiety. Being worried about the outcome of a game, and facing major anxiety about even going to practice are two very different things. If your child gets overly stressed out about playing a sport in general, then it may not be the right sport for them, so quitting and finding a more fitting sport may be the right choice.

Your child is only playing to make you happy. Unfortunately we may not always understand our children’s motivations, but if you find out your kid is only playing a sport because they think it will please you, they are doing it for the wrong reasons, and should definitely quit.

Your child has an injury. Obviously we want the best for our kids, so if your child has suffered one or more injuries and wants to quit, it’s definitely worth some consideration and/or encouragement. Injuries can be a sign that your child is being careless because they don’t actually want to play. Multiple injuries can affect their health for the rest of their lives, and no child sport is worth that kind of commitment.

Your child isn’t having fun. The most important thing to remember with youth sports is that they are supposed to be fun. If your kid dreads going to practice, and doesn’t get excited when they win, it may be time to throw in the towel. Let them find a hobby better suited to them, regardless of any investments you may have made, or dreams you may have cooked up for their future as a professional athlete.

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