Six Unwritten Rules of the Gym

gym rules

If it’s been a while since you have hit the gym, keep these unwritten rules in mind.

gym rules

Winter is almost over, so it’s almost time for people to flock back to the gym in the hopes of regaining the body they lost during these cold winter months. It’s also a great time, if you have never really gone to the gym, to start going.

I am a huge proponent of the idea that it’s never too late to start taking care of your body, so I don’t care if you are taking long walks outside, jogging alongside a river, doing pushups as your kids play at the park, or spending an hour at the gym every day, as long as you are getting exercise and loving your body.

That being said, if you do decide to take the gym route, there are certain unspoken rules that every person should abide by, to not only have a good gym experience, but to respect the people around you.

Whether you are a veteran of the gym, or a newcomer looking to change things up, here are the ten unwritten rules of the gym.

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Be mindful of your hygiene. While it’s totally expected that you are a going to sweat, and sometimes sweat is smelly, make sure you wash your gym clothes in between visits. Wearing unwashed clothes to the gym is not only gross, but it is a great way to spread bacteria and cause your skin to break out, which defeats the purpose.

Wipe down equipment. Many gyms have sanitary wipes for this purpose, but you should always bring a towel for sweating anyway, and use it to wipe down equipment after every use. Your gym may have towel service or provide wipes, so if you aren’t sure, just ask a friendly face.

Put things back where you found them. While you are working out, you should treat the equipment like it’s your own, but this doesn’t mean you should leave weights lying around everywhere. Put any equipment you use back in the place where you got it (or where it belongs, if you found it on the floor). This practice will help the gym run smoothly for everyone.

Give people space. If you go to the dumbbell area, make sure you take a step back before working out so other people can access the weights. If you sit next to someone, make sure they have enough space to extend their legs to either side. Common courtesy goes a long way when it comes to common spaces.

Don’t drop weights. It’s generally bad practice to drop weights on the floor, not to mention it makes a loud noise and calls attention to you. If you absolutely have to drop them because you can’t hold them anymore, then so be it, but a better practice is to use less weight and lower it to the ground in a controlled manner.

No phone calls. It’s okay to check texts, but don’t take voice calls while in the gym. Nowadays we don’t go anywhere without our phones, so I wouldn’t expect you to go without. If a phone call is that important to you though, take it outside.

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