Five Filling Snacks to Help You Eat Healthy

healthy snacks

Finding healthy snacks that keep you full is integral to a successful diet plan.

healthy snacks

Ask anyone who has ever tried one, and they will tell you that the hardest part of sticking to a diet, is discipline. I’m not talking about fad diets that you try for a few months, or restrictive diets and juice cleanses; I am more referring to healthy lifestyle changes in regards to your eating, that result in a regular, regulated intake of healthy foods.

We all want to eat healthy, but the second those hunger pains strike we reach for the first thing we can find, which is usually something unhealthy (funny how we always keep unhealthy snacks within reach). If we do manage to find a healthy snack, most of the time we are hungry again within the hour, which kind of defeats the purpose of eating.

These give healthy snacks will not only help you make good food choices, but will also fill you up, so you don’t go running for a Snickers every time the hunger pains strike.

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Hard Boiled Eggs– Once boiled, eggs become a super portable snack that are filled with nutrition. Bring along some apple and grape slices if you want to add a little variety.

Hummus- Protein and fiber are two things you can never really get enough of, and hummus is great because you can dip almost anything into it. Sliced peppers, cucumbers, and carrots are three great options.

Edamame– We love it at Japanese restaurants, but edamame can also become a really great on-the-go snack, and all you need is a little sea salt to dress it up. Not to mention edamame is full of protein, fiber, and antioxidants.

Pistachios– Of all the nuts, pistachios are probably the best snacks because they are full of protein, good-fats, and fiber. Also, the shells will help slow down your snacking a bit so you don’t overeat.

Oatmeal– Probably one of my favorites, oatmeal is chock full of fiber, and its really easy to dress up with a dollop of crunchy, organic peanut butter. If you eat this every morning, you will stay full until lunch-time, a fact which I have personally proven to myself.

A healthy diet shouldn’t just be something you just indulge in around swimsuit season. Adding these snacks into your daily diet will help you stay on track with your fitness goals, and keep the hunger pains from sabotaging your efforts!

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