Five Great Sports for Couples

sports couple

The couple that plays together, stays together.

sports couple

Competition can be a funny thing. For many people, competition creates excitement because it gives you something to strive for; a manageable goal with measurable results. For others, competition is a way to gain validation and prove to yourself or others that you can accomplish something. When it comes to couples, I’ve found that the first situation can create a healthy, interesting dynamic in a relationship, especially when it comes to athletic activities. The second situation however, can end up ruining a relationship. Competition is a tricky thing, which is why there are some sports that are great for couples, and others that are not.

In its most healthy form however, athletic competition can have a positive impact on a couple, especially when you set individual goals and motivate each other, while also holding each other accountable.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting into sports with your significant other, here are five great options to try.

Running. Running is arguably the easiest sport to engage in as a couple because it’s easy, can be done anywhere, and doesn’t involve too many tricky rules.

Bicycling. One of my favorite things about cycling is how a bicycle can help you explore parts of your own city that you may have never seen before. And who better to see them with, than your partner?

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Kayaking. If you have never been kayaking, you should absolutely try it. There is something very peaceful and calming about being on the water, and its great exercise, especially for couples.

Bowling. Bowling is not only a fun sport for you and a partner, but its also great for groups of people. Couples bowling night, anyone?

Tennis. Hitting a ball in your partners direction is a great way to let off some steam, and tennis pretty much requires two people, so it was basically designed for couples.

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