Unhealthy Shower Habits to Stop Immediately

bad shower habits

Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to shower.

bad shower habits

Most moms would probably tell you that as long as their kids attempt to stay clean, they don’t really care what goes on in the shower. While that makes a lot of sense (we should be so lucky as to have kids that value hygiene), there are some things we do during showers that aren’t super healthy. I am sure that you and your family probably have established shower routines in place, but here are a few things you could probably add or subtract to make sure you are optimizing your shower time as much as possible.

-Dirty loofahs are hotbeds for germs.If you think about how many times you have rubbed it on your dirty body, and then put it back on the hook, you will probably feel the need to throw it out immediately. Change your loofah often, and make sure you store it in a place with adequate ventilation.

-Ignoring your feet in the shower is something we probably all do, but have you ever stopped to really think about it? Your feet are normally one of the dirtiest places on your body. If you walked around on your hands all the time, you would never be satisfied just rinsing them off with water and a small amount of excess soap. Feet washing is especially important for people who suffer from sweaty feet or have issues with athlete’s foot.

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-Soap dishes are chock full of bacteria too, since they often hold standing water. If you still use bar soap, you should buy a soap dish with drainage holes in the bottom, and refrain from using anything built-in.

-Washing your face in the shower can exacerbate skin conditions like rosacea or acne, as the shower water is normally much hotter than necessary. It’s a better practice to wash your face in lukewarm water in the sink.

-Blast the cold water for the last 30 seconds of your shower. I know this probably sounds like torture, but you would be surprised how easily it wakes you up, and cold water also benefits your skin and hair, and relieves stress.

-Change out your razors often, and never use one that has even a small amount of rust. Your clear skin depends on it. In fact, you really shouldn’t store your razor in the shower at all, as the exposure to water will wear it out much more quickly.

-Skipping showers isn’t a good idea, especially after working out or doing something physical.

-Pat your skin with a towel instead of rubbing it. Rubbing your skin can irritate it, especially if you aren’t using the cleanest towel in the world.

-You should always moisturize after a shower, since your skin will be in a perfect state for it.

-Don’t exfoliate too much. All you really need to exfoliate is a clean wash towel and a gentle cleanser (with no acid in it). Apply the cleanser to the towel, and rub in a gentle circular motion every few days. No need for harsh chemicals, or rough exfoliating beads!



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