Summer Break Survival: How to Keep Your Kids Busy

summer break

Summer break is upon us, so it’s time to make a plan.

summer break

As a mother of multiple children I am probably luckier than some. During summer break, my children can entertain each other, in the rare moments when they aren’t entertained by their electronics.

Summer break is a bittersweet time for any mother, because it means that you can spend more time with your children which is great, but you also have to deal with their tantrums, arguments with each other, and open, empty schedules. For a working mom, this can be especially daunting, so I have compiled a list of summer break suggestions, to help take some of the stress out of the next three months.

Don’t be afraid to lean into the boredom. The first time your kids get bored during the summer, my suggestion is to do nothing. This will force your kids to come up with something to do, which will ultimately make them more creative in the future.

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Plant a garden. Planting a garden with your kids is cheap, and it teaches them how to take care of living things, which is always a valuable lesson. Plan out what plants you want to grow, and keep a chart of their progress during the summer.

Institute a chore program. If you don’t take charge of your kids during the summer, they will take charge of you. A chore chart or system will help keep the house in order, and teach your kids to be responsible, even when they aren’t in school.

Get your kids into crafts. Summer is a great time to feed your children’s creative sides, so a crafting station (with cleanup built into the afore-mentioned chore chart) is a great way to do that. Scour pinterest for good DIY ideas!

Help your kids start a small business. One of the most tragic things about our education system is that it doesn’t teach kids enough real-world skills, like maintaining a bank account, paying bills, and learning about credit. Encourage your kids to start a small business (think lawn mowing, lemonade stands, or charity donation roundups), and set them up with a bank account so they can start to understand how the real world works.


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