Five Ways to Speed Up Your Metabolism


When it comes to weight loss, metabolism can be your best friend or your worst enemy.


Ask anyone who has ever attempted it, and they will tell you the most difficult part of losing weight is keeping it off. Maintaining weight loss is so hard because of all the external factors, since it generally involves making the right food decisions every day, making time for the gym, and fighting things like fatigue, temptations, depression, and holidays. The only way to truly lose weight and keep it off is to make a lifelong commitment to your health, and to stick with it as closely as possible, forever. That sounds pretty daunting however, I will admit.

As you probably know however, a key player in terms of both losing and maintaining a weight loss is metabolism.

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In the simplest possible terms, metabolism has to do with how quickly and efficiently your body turns food into energy. Metabolism speeds up and slows down during the day depending on how active you are and what you eat. The quicker your metabolism works however, the more fat you stand to burn. You don’t have complete control over your metabolism, however there are a few ways throughout the day that you can speed it up, and make sure your body is burning calories at the optimal rate.

The following tips should help keep your metabolism working hard for you:

Eat breakfast every day. This kickstarts your metabolism from a resting state, to active.

Stay hydrated. Drinking water will not only help keep your metabolism going, but prevent you from unnecessary snacking.

Eat high protein snacks once or twice a day (these would be necessary snacks).

Add resistance training into your weekly workout regime, twice a week.

Add more spicy food into your diet. A spicy meal can increase your metabolism temporarily by as much as eight percent.

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