How to Increase Your Jogging Stamina

jogging and stamina

If you’re looking to build stamina, jogging is a great way to go.

jogging and stamina

It doesn’t really matter if you just work out once in a while, or if you are a seasoned athlete, stamina is important. In laymen’s terms, stamina is what keeps you in the gym, focused on your workout, even after you have gotten tired. The more stamina you have, the longer you are likely to stick to a workout, and the more benefits you will reap.

In terms of sports, the stamina gives you the energy and willpower to keep going, even after most of your energy is gone. So basically increasing your stamina will help you in all walks of life, whether you are doing triathlons every other weekend, or just chasing after five kids. But, like most things, stamina needs to be built up slowly over time, and jogging is a great way to do that. Here are a few ways to build up stamina through jogging.

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Plan your run. Decide how far you want to jog, and pick a route that is either flat for long distances, or hilly, for more of an interval type of workout.

Eat and hydrate beforehand. Half an hour before your run, snack on a banana or a protein bar. Afterwards, make sure you eat a healthy meal. Do not drink large amounts of water right before the run, however, or you might cramp up.

Stretch beforehand. Make sure you pay special attention to your leg muscles, but don’t forget your arms and core, too.

Aim for consistency. Even if you are jogging at a glacial pace stamina is about continuing on even after you are tired. If you can manage to jog the entire way without stopping, you are off to a great start. If you stop to walk, just note how fast you were jogging before and take it down a notch when you start back up.

Breathe. It’s important to regulate your oxygen flow by taking steady, measured breaths while you run. It will also keep your mind off how tired you may be getting.

Run past your second wind. With any jog, you will probably start out feeling great, and then hit a plateau where all you want to do is stop. If you don’t stop, you will reach your second wind. That is when real stamina is built, because your body will have moved past the first hurtle mentally, and as we all know the only real hurdles are mental.

Chart your progress and compare numbers. Run at a consistent speed, and stick to that regimen until you can do it without stopping. Speed isn’t important, but distance is. Every time you reach a new distance milestone, increase the distance, and celebrate your stamina with a healthy treat.

If you run every day, your body will be more likely to develop a habit, and your stamina will increase naturally, the more you run. Before you know it you will be able to run a half marathon without stopping.

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