The Five Unwritten Rules of Taking Motivational Gym Selfies

gym selfie

Gym selfies, while generally frowned upon, are not always a bad thing.

gym selfie

I am of the mindset that regardless of what works to motivate you, as long as you find some way to keep yourself going, more power to you.

Its no secret that our society seeks out validation through posting photos on social media, and the selfie has become the go-to method of attaining that validation. Selfies are a good way to show the social stratosphere what you are doing, but they are also an effective way of drawing attention to various causes, and motivating others (even though sometimes that motivation may come from a place of envy).

Gym selfies are tricky however, because on one hand they can be a good motivational tool, and great for accountability, but they can also come off as braggy, and make you appear insecure. The majority of gym selfies come off looking a little self-indulgent, so here are a five unwritten rules of how to take a proper gym selfie.

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Share progress towards your goal. If you are going to take a gym selfie, do it after you have already worked out, so you can show people how your body is changing. Taking one when you just arrive at the gym with a smoothie in your hand is a great way to let people know you left the house, but the point of the gym is exercise. Showing progress is a completely valid reason for taking a gym selfie.

Offer tips and tricks for others. If you just tried a great new workout, mention it, and offer some advice on how others can give it a try. It’s called paying it forward, and it will be a lot more helpful than a pic of your brand new, sweat-less Lululemons.

Do NOT make the duck face. This is actually great advice for any selfies, no matter where you are.

Don’t take 1,000 photos, especially if the gym is busy. At the end of the day, the gym is a sacred place we go to work out. A good selfie is difficult to capture, so don’t sit there taking a bunch of photos if there are people around trying to use equipment.

Use the mirrors. Gyms typically have tons of mirrors, and a good gym selfie should show off your body, so don’t be afraid to utilize the mirrors to capture your gains. Using the reverse camera won’t really show off your body, so it’s kind of pointless for a proper gym selfie.

BONUS RULE: Be vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to share your insecurities on social media, especially around the gym and workouts. You have to remember that most people are curating a social media presence that makes them seem way more confident than they actually are. Admitting a few of your own body insecurities to your followers will inspire them in a different way and create a much healthier dynamic of motivation and support.

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