New Fitness Trends for 2019

wearable tech

2019 promises to be an exciting new year in fitness trends.

wearable tech

If you have ever seen my Instagram, you know that I am always up for trying new kinds of workouts and embracing new fitness trends. Gone are the days when the only way you could get a good workout was to pay for a pricey gym and spend all your time strength-training. Whether we are talking about group fitness classes, virtual personal training, or acrobatics, there are tons of new and interesting ways to get your fitness on, which multiply exponentially with every passing year.

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A lot of new trends popped up in 2018, and 2019 looks to be no different. Here are 6 new trends that will dominate fitness in 2019. If you’re looking to try something new, look no further.

Wearable Technology. Wearable tech is probably the biggest new trend in fitness, because now we can track our every step through the use of fit-bits and smart watches. We can sync our phones to our fitness regimens, and track all of our progress and every calorie we consume. The fitness industry is embracing technology, and 2019 will be full of new, innovative ways to keep our fitness goals in sight.

Group Fitness Classes. Fitness classes have always existed but in recent years, they have become much more targeted and specific (if you have ever sweated it out in a Soulcycle class, you know what I am talking about). Group fitness classes that focus on one specific exercise are more popular than ever, for both their sense of community, and the accountability you get from signing up for an actual class.

Virtual Personal Training. Even though having an in-person personal trainer is the optimal solution virtual personal training has become a popular alternative, especially if you are looking for a cost-effective way to get the training and tips you need without breaking the bank. Basically you pay for a subscription from a trainer, and they sent you workouts every week, as well as accountability texts and mobile support.

Body Weight Training. Body weight training is exactly what it sounds like; using your own body weight to target specific muscle groups. People love it because it’s free, it can help you build solid muscle if you are just starting out on your exercise journey, it is super convenient, and you are much less likely to hurt yourself, than if you were working out around a bunch of heavy machinery.

Aerial Fitness Classes. We’ve all been jealous of trapeze and silk artists hanging from the ceiling, but 2019 promises to offer many fitness classes that will help us stay fit, while also achieving our acrobatic dreams. I tried one of these aerial fitness classes, and I will say that I used muscle groups I didn’t even know I had.

High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT classes are one of the quickest (although also one of the more challenging) ways to get in, and stay in shape. Basically you take part in short, high-intensity difficult cardio workouts where the goal is to expend all your energy and work out as hard as you possibly can. Intense exercise burns more fat, so even though HIIT programs are hard, they are also worth it.

It’s true what they say; every day is a new opportunity to change, so if you want to get serious about fitness in 2019, give one of these trends a try.

Who knows, they may change your life!

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