Five Reasons You Should Do a Digital Detox

digital detox

Digital detoxes are the newest way to get healthier.

digital detox

Whether or not you have ever tried a detox or cleanse, you probably know what they are. Detoxes and cleanses are designed to clean out our bodies, get rid of toxins, and reset our systems, sort of like a hard reset for your phone.

What about our minds, though?

With the tech industry rapidly taking over our lives, its hard to remember a time when we didn’t have the entire world’s knowledge at our fingertips, accessible through a little metal device. But technology addiction is no joke, and as much as 50% of teenagers feel like they are addicted to tech.

We don’t really know how this will all effect us in the long run, so there’s no better reason to take a digital detox!

You can just shut your phone off for two hours every day, or go on full-day jaunts without it. Think of it as an adventure. It may feel weird at first, but I promise you will get used to it.

Being deprived of your tech is a great way to reconnect with your humanity. But if that isn’t reason enough, here are a few more:

There are actual side effects to excessive technology use, such as weight gain from a more sedentary lifestyle, vision issues, infections (devices are germ magnets), depression, and sleep deprivation. Simply put, humans weren’t design to stare at screens. Remember that.

Your posture will thank you. Whether you are sitting at a desk for long periods, or craning your neck to see your phone, your spine is the only thing really holding you up, so a digital detox will give it a much needed break from the bad posture blues.

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Actual social interaction. No matter how you slice it, liking someone’s Facebook post isn’t a real interaction. All you are really doing is validating their opinion and reminding them that you exist. True social interactions take place outside of cyber-space, and even something as small as meeting a friend to catch up over coffee can have amazing side effects for your mental well-being.

Replace it with a hobby. No matter who you are, I strongly encourage you to have hobbies. Ditching your phone or tablet for a day will let you spend more time doing things you actually love, instead of scrolling through things that have no effect on you whatsoever. And no, sitting on the toilet scrolling through Facebook does NOT count as a hobby.

It will give you peace of mind. I know you may not think so, but even putting your phone on airplane mode or leaving it in another room will give you a sense of relief. It’s difficult, but after the initial tech withdrawal period you will feel much better about your life.






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