Polar Vortex? Five Winter Workout Alternatives for Snow Days

at home workouts

Getting to the gym isn’t always possible, but our workouts shouldn’t suffer.

at home workouts

I will be the first to say it, since we are all thinking it; this winter has been brutal, and our workout regimens are suffering for it. Dragging yourself to the gym is hard enough when it’s beautiful outside, but between polar vortexes, freak winter storms, snow days, germy children, and the constant lure of sugary snacks, we will be lucky if we make it to spring without doubling our body weight.

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Personally, I am holding on tight to my fitness, because it is so integrated into my daily plan that the entire thing might implode if I abandon it, but even I have days when I don’t feel like doing much of anything, and they always seem to coincide with inclement weather.

For those days, even if you get a little exercise it is better than nothing. Luckily, there are actually plenty of options for getting a workout in, when you can’t go outside.

Playing with your children or pets. This is probably my favorite, because it gets the entire family involved. You can do things like stair-climbing relays, hide and seek, or family dance parties. Integrating your family into your workout is a great way to stay fit during winter months.

Body Weight Exercises (Calisthenics).  Push-ups, crunches, leg lifts, squats, lunges, planks, and chair dips, and calf raises are just a few ways to get a good workout using your own body weight, which is a tried and true method.

Youtube workouts. If you want to have some fun (and your family can do this too), look up some Youtube workout classes, and turn your living room into an exercise studio.

Yoga. I am a huge proponent of yoga no matter what the weather is like. If you are just beginning, Youtube is a good resource to get the basic moves down. If you are already familiar with it, what are you waiting for?

In-place cardio. Cardio is probably the most important exercise we can do during a snow day. Running alternatives like stair-climbing, jumping jacks, burpees, high-knees, and jump roping are all great ways to burn fat without requiring a bunch of space.

If you can manage even one of these, I promise your day inside will feel much more productive, so the benefits on both your mental and physical health will far outweigh the joy you get from posting up on the couch and getting lost in Netflix for 24 hours.


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