Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Are you considering jumping on the apple cider vinegar bandwagon?

Apple cider vinegar

In the past few years, apple cider vinegar has come to the forefront of the health food craze. Apple cider vinegar is so popular because it is filled with good bacteria and raw enzymes that come from the fermentation process.

Even though it smells pretty pungent and can be very painful in open wounds, many people drink a small amount every day, and the health benefits are pretty undeniable.

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So if you have been thinking of trying the apple cider vinegar craze, read on to find out how you can implement it into your health regime.

-Apple cider vinegar is good for your hair. Some of my friends who don’t ever shampoo their hair (the No-Poo movement; it’s a thing) use apple cider vinegar instead, and have some of the most beautiful hair I have ever seen.

-Apple cider vinegar is great for your skin. If you add it to your bathwater it can help balance your skin PH, and potentially fight stubborn acne.

-Apple cider vinegar can kill many types of bacteria, and has been used traditionally for cleaning and disinfecting, treating lice, warts, and nail fungus.

-Apple cider vinegar can be used to preserve food, naturally.

-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bed can reduce your blood sugar by 4% the following morning, which can help lower the risk of diabetes.

-A study of 175 obese people showed that taking apple cider vinegar daily led to reduced belly fat and overall weight loss.

-Apple cider vinegar can help fight cancer cells and shrink the size of tumors, although most of these studies were done on lab rats, the research is promising.

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