Five Non-Fitness Reasons to do an Ironman Triathlon

iron man triathlon

Ironman triathlons have many healthy benefits, outside of physical fitness.

iron man triathlon

Of all of the triathlons and marathons I’ve participated in over the years, Ironman is one of my favorites. Its my belief that we should always constantly challenge ourselves in regards to physical fitness, and especially endurance. Triathlons are great for that because they require you to push yourself in three different events (biking, swimming, and running).

In training for a triathlon, you learn to use your body in different ways, and have to build up your stamina slowly, which not only improves your joints and muscles, but your mental health as well.

Recently, I took part in an Ironman triathlon, and found myself really paying attention to all the ways it has made my life better.

Ironman events are a great way to see how far you can push your body, but they also have many other benefits too. Here are five reasons you should consider doing an Ironman triathlon in the future.

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Camaraderie- Going through a triathlon isn’t easy, even if you are a seasoned athlete. The sense of camaraderie between triathletes is amazing, and super inspiring.

Motivation- In my last triathlon I met three other working women, and we decided to help motivate each other to train for the next one. Making friends, especially friends who can help keep you driven to succeed are well worth the price of admission.

Community- The sense of community at an Ironman triathlon is amazing! It’s like a huge family of people who are all driven by the same sense of purpose, and the network is huge, and global.

Empowerment- There are few things more empowering than finishing a triathlon. The sense of accomplishment actually bleeds into other areas of your life and makes you more confident overall.

Inspiration- If you have kids, participated in a triathlon is doubly rewarding. Not only do you give them a reason to come out and root for you, but you also show them by example, that anything can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. That is an important lesson for every child to learn, and a rewarding lesson for every parent to teach.




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