Fitness Tips: The Importance of Calf Stretching

You never know how important your calves are, until you injure them.

It’s a common fitness trope within the workout community that everybody skips leg day. Any time you hit the gym, it’s not uncommon to see a big, muscle-bound person with tiny, underdeveloped calf muscles.

I am here to tell you that if you have been neglecting your calves, there are other far-reaching consequences you may suffer, beyond an unbalanced musculature.

The calf muscles are very important to the structure of the leg. They run along the back of your leg, below the knee, and are connected to the heel bone by the Achilles tendon. Tightness in your calves may contribute to or cause Achilles tendon tears or injuries, plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, or general foot injuries. The best way to prevent this is with calf stretching.

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Calf stretches are honestly one of the most rewarding stretches you can do, because they just feel good. That being said, a surprising number of people take their calves for granted and don’t stretch.

So in the name of supporting calf health in 2019, here are three calf stretches to try today:

Runners Stretch:

-Stand facing a wall, with 12 inches of distance between your feet and the baseboard.

-Extend one leg behind you, keeping your back knee straight and both feet flat on the floor.

-Lean toward the wall until you feel tension in your back calf.

-Hold for 10 seconds.

-Repeat with the other leg.

Towel Calf Stretch:

-Find a towel or fitness strap.

-Sit on the floor with your legs extended.

-Wrap the towel around the ball of one of your feet.

-Pull the towel towards you gently until your toes and ankle flex towards your face.

-Hold for 10 seconds.

-Repeat with the other leg.

Seated Calf Stretch:

-Sit on the floor with your legs extended.

-Lean forward and grab the arches of your feet (or as close as you can get to them).

-Pull your toes toward your body until you feel tension in your calves.

-Hold for 10 seconds.


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