Five Mistakes to Avoid When Buying New Running Shoes

As it turns out, not all running shoes are created equal.

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It goes without saying that running is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. For many people, running is also a huge stress reliever, a daily habit, and a way to escape from life for a minute and do some thinking (read: escape from the kids from a bit and get some peace and quiet).

Whether or not you are an avid or casual runner however, one fact remains; you must wear a supportive shoe.

Running shoes come in all different shapes and sizes, and its very easy to get distracted by flashy colors and cheap prices. I cannot stress enough however, that your feet are a very important part of your overall health, so when shopping for a new running shoe, there are certain mistakes you should strive to avoid:

Not getting formally fitted. Having your feet formally fitted for running shoes is a great investment, especially if you are a daily runner. Some stores have their own process for this (Dick’s Sporting Goods can even analyze your running gait) or FleetFeet has a process that 3D scans your entire foot. I know this option won’t be for everyone, but everyone’s feet are different so having a specialist recommend or create the right shoe for you is the best way to invest in your health and hobby. On that note, going to a specialty running shop instead of a big-box store will always yield better results in terms of customization.

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Buying based on looks. We all want cute shoes, but luckily there are millions of options out there, in terms of color and style. The biggest mistake you can make is just buying shoes because they look good, or match the rest of your workout gear. When buying running shoes, focus on fit, not fashion.

Buying small shoes. Women (in general) tend to want their feet to look as small as possible. Blame it on outdated beauty standards, if you want. But buying shoes that are too small for you is the quickest way to get blisters and black toenails. When buying running shoes, make sure you have wiggle room for your toes, or you will regret it later.

Buying shoes in the morning. For some people, foot swelling is a daily occurrence. If you buy your shoes in the morning, your feet may swell by the evening and make your new shoes uncomfortable, or ill-fitting. Buy shoes in the evening to get a more accurate understanding of your fit.

Buying the wrong size. As any woman who has ever worn a dress or jeans can tell you, not all sizes are the same across every brand. Your size in an Adidas sneaker may be slightly different from your size in a Nike. It’s always important to try the shoes on in the store, walk around, and explore slightly different sizes to make sure you have the right fit, regardless of the brand.

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