Five Positive Ways Weather Changes Can Affect Your Workout

The weather is changing, so our workouts must follow suit.

winter workouts

Weather changes are always a treat, aren’t they? This particular season change brings about all things pumpkin spice, the mourning of our summer bodies, some really rough seasonal allergies, and a change in workout regimen

During the cold months, it just isn’t possible to work out in the same way, if the majority of our workouts happen outdoors. It also becomes a lot less easy to muster up the motivation to hit the gym, and seasonal depression can jump in and interfere with our schedules at any time.

So here are give positive ways weather can affect your workout.

Cold weather workouts are easier on your heart. In hot weather, our hearts tend to divert blood flow to our skin as a means of cooling us down, which means the heart has to work harder in general. Cold weather is easier on your heart, which is especially for people who suffer from heart probems.

Humidity stops sweat from evaporating, so the body doesn’t cool down as quickly. Winter cool-downs are much easier on the body, and you might find yourself with more stamina to boot.

Heat stroke and dehydration are less likely in the winter. Dehydration should always concern you, but you are less likely to experience it in a cool climate. And heat stoke can cause brain damage and death, so it’s really no joke. If you are desperate for winter motivation, just tell yourself that you are much less likely to die during a winter workout.

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Runny noses can keep you warm. I know a runny nose during winter is generally a terrible, and embarrassing thing, but sometimes a runny nose functions to warm the air before it reaches our lungs. So in that way, a runny nose can be a good thing. #silverlining

Cold weather can be a mood booster. Especially if you are spending a lot of time indoors, cold weather can totally supercharge and refresh you if you force yourself to work out in it anyway.

So the moral of the story is, summer and winter workouts are very different, but also rewarding in their own ways. Keeping your fitness regimen going through the winter is a very important part of making a fit lifestyle into a habit that you never quit.

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