Five Reasons to Enroll Your Children in Winter Sports

Winter sports are coming.

If the crazy weather all over the country is any indication, winter is coming. That means that kids are back in school, which is great. But it also means that they will be spending a lot more time indoors, probably on their devices, which is not great.

If you have successfully enrolled your kids in sports, congratulations! There are tons of amazing reasons that children should participate in sports, and whether you are raising a star athlete or just helping your child develop a healthy hobby, there really is a sport for every person.

That being said, winter and summer sports are two totally different things. So here are some reasons why you should enroll your children in winter sports.

More time to yourself. I don’t really have to go into this, but I will anyway. You need some ‘you’ time. That means time you spend with yourself, when you aren’t working, or momming, or handling your business. Having scheduled times to treat yourself during your children’s practices will keep your stress levels in check and make you an all around better person and mom to be around.

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Wine drinking on the sidelines. Who doesn’t love wine drinking on the sidelines? Hot toddies anyone? White Claw, if you’re basic (I’m basic)? Drinking disguised alcohol at children’s games is like an unspoken code in the parenting handbook, and it deserves a mention.

Help them fight seasonal depression. Seasonal depression affects many people, even children, although it looks much different. Is your child spending 9 hours staring at Youtube videos? They might actually be a little depressed. Consider how much time you spend looking at a screen when you are depressed, then encourage your kids to get active.

Reduce their technology time. Cold weather means your children will be looking for ways to stay busy, indoors. That means screens. I can’t stress enough that you should try and limit your children’s screen time, and get their blood flowing.

Expend their energy by keeping them active. A bonus of having athletic kids is that they know how to expend energy, on their own time. There’s nothing worse than being trapped indoors all season with angry, energy-filled children. Enrolling them in winter sports gives them a healthy outlet, and makes things easier all around

That being said, not every sport is right for every child. There are TONS of physical activities that a child can do, from bike riding to roller skating, rock climbing, or gymnastics.

Encourage your child to choose something they really enjoy, and you will set them up for a lifetime of healthy hobbies, and effective stress relief.

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