Easy Exercises to Do During the Super Bowl

Celebrate the Super Bowl by working on your fitness.

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Some people enjoy the Super Bowl, and some people survive through it. No matter which one you are, you must admit that the Super Bowl is all about hanging out with (and arguing with) friends, big budget commercials that cost almost as much as insulin, a controversial halftime show, and copious amounts of unhealthy food.

The food that we eat during the Super Bowl represents everything that is wrong with American diets. Fatty, cheesy, over-the-top, and terrible for our arteries.

That being said, it’s delicious.

So how do you gorge yourself on Super Bowl Sunday, without feeling guilty about it? Make it into a game!

If you watch the Super Bowl for the actual sports, take the time to do some exercises during the commercials. If you watch for the commercials, exercise during the game. Split yourself into teams. Whoever is on the losing team between any given commercial break has to do the exercises, while the other team cheers them on. It’ll keep your energy up, and a friendly competition never hurt anyone.

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Whatever you do, make sure you watch the half-time show (this year, I hear J-LO will be lip-syncing while Shakira sings live).

Here are five easy exercises you can do in any living room.

10 push ups- If you want to jazz it up, put a tortilla chip in your mouth, and dip it in salsa every time you touch the ground.

10 sofa dips- I know there are likely to be a lot of ‘dip’ options at the table. Chair or sofa dips will help you burn fat, whereas French onion dip will help you store it.

10 lunges- If you get mad at the opposite team and feel like lunging towards them in a menacing manner, doing actual lunges is a great way to get that aggression out and tone your legs and glutes.

20 sit-ups- Sit-ups are a tried and true method to burn fat and tighten your core. Just do them slowly, especially if you have a belly full of beer (disclaimer: I do not endorse working out while drunk, so use your judgment!)

10 squats- Squats are one of the easiest exercises, because you can do them while watching TV. They are also one of the hardest because they hurt! Any time your team fumbles the ball, do 10 squats. Sometimes, there is a fine line between punishments and rewards.

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