The Pros and Cons of Cold Workouts Via PopSugar

Are cold workouts the newest trend in fitness?

Recently, I had the awesome experience of collaborating on an article with Lauren Pardee, from Popsugar. The article focused on the benefits and drawbacks of working out in colder temperatures. Below are a few quotes from the article. You can read the full post here:

A Sports Medicine Doctor Explains the Pros and Cons of Cold Workouts

“According to Karen M. Sutton, MD, sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, cold temperatures can decrease inflammation while making the body work harder to warm up, which burns more calories. It doesn’t hurt that working out in the cold can make you feel energized and more alert and won’t leave you a sweaty mess, either, Dr. Sutton said.”

“Building your workout intensity gradually rather than making abrupt, jerky movements will protect your muscles from low-temperature-induced tightness and strain, Dr. Sutton explained. She also suggested protecting your muscles by dressing in layers and shedding them once your muscles warm up.

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“To paint a picture of just how effective cooler-temperature workouts can be, Dr. Sutton pointed out that “the optimal temperature for peak performance in a marathon is between 39 degrees to 50 degrees F, with a loss in speed of 0.3 percent per every one degree F in temperature increase. Overall, slower marathon times are seen in hot weather.”

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